The Answers To Your Duplex Questions Are Here

Arrow left icon blue, isolated on white backgroundLike most people who blog or have web sites, I track the daily number of visitors to my Duplex Chick web site.

And while I can’t tell who anybody is, I can see what search terms brought somebody to the site. It’s often phrases like “what’s a good gross rent multiplier”, “are duplexes a good investment”, or “duplex foreclosures”.

I can also see how long visitors stay. And it puzzles me that sometimes people are looking for information on a duplex topic I’ve covered in the past, in other words, exactly the information they’re looking for, and yet, they only stay on the site for a second or two.

It’s made me wonder whether readers are aware that under all those topic headers to the left hand side of the page, and all those date headers, is a whole archive of past articles filled with information about investment property, owner occupying a duplex, selling duplexes and being a landlord.

Do a little digging! You might find the answer you’re looking for.