Help Is On The Way For Minneapolis Landlords

Details of the federal stimulus bill became clearer last week when it was announced that Minnesota is set to receive $375 million in rent assistance.

The federal bill earmarked $25 billion in national emergency rental assistance, as well as extended the federal eviction moratorium through the end of the month. Minnesota’s current eviction moratorium, which takes precedence over the federal mandate, is set to end on February 12th.

Governor Walz has signaled he is prepared to begin lifting the ban.

The most recent stimulus bill will allow counties and states to cover 12 to 15 months of back rent assistance.

The state is working to create a statewide system for the distribution of funds so tenants and property owners don’t have to work so hard to figure out where to apply for aid and can easily check the status of their application.

While this likely won’t be enough for many tenants to get caught up to the point where landlords can be completely caught up on their mortgage payments, it is nonetheless a start.