November 28, 2011

FHA Says Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Can Spend More

You may recall that back in October, the limits for the amount of money you could finance using an FHA loan to buy a Minneapolis duplex […]
October 5, 2011

5 Factors That Impact Your Ability To Buy A Duplex

We’ve all heard how important your credit score is when buying a duplex. After all, the way the bank sees it, the higher your score, the […]
August 31, 2011

FHA Tells Minneapolis Duplex Buyers Not To Spend So Much

At the risk of becoming the Duplex Chick who cried “wolf”, FHA loan limits on Minneapolis and St Paul duplexes are about to change. A lot. It’s […]
July 25, 2011

Why The Default Should Make You Buy A Minneapolis Duplex

Sometimes all the political noise about a US default is easy to tune out. But have you ever stopped to wonder how it might impact you […]