Short Sales/Foreclosure

January 3, 2013

FHA Rejects Duplex Short Sales

If you’re behind on your duplex payments, and are considering a short sale, you may need to act fast. Specifically, local attorneys who specialize in negotiating […]
December 6, 2012

Distressed Duplex Owners Face Fiscal Cliff

In the coming weeks, amidst the media noise about the “fiscal cliff”, duplex owners who are either struggling to pay their mortgage or behind on payments […]
November 15, 2012

Freddie Mac Breaks Up Duplex Party

Just when we were starting the party for the return of the Minneapolis duplex market, Freddie Mac called and asked us to turn down the music. […]
November 1, 2012

Duplex Market Shows Signs Of A Cure

There’s reason for hope in the duplex market. According to CoreLogic, the number of properties lost to foreclosure nationally fell 31 percent from September one year […]