minneapolis rent control

July 12, 2022

Learn The Latest On Rent Control

If you’ve been wondering whether the Minneapolis city council intends to put rent control on the November ballot, or how St Paul’s most restrictive in the […]
January 19, 2022

Minneapolis Rent Control Efforts Still Underway

With November’s elections seeming more distant in the rearview mirror, it might be easy for Housing Providers to think the battle against rent control in Minneapolis […]
November 4, 2021

3 Silver Linings For Minneapolis & St Paul Housing Providers In Tuesday’s Elections

On many levels, Tuesday’s elections in Minneapolis and St Paul were heartbreaking for housing providers. In St Paul, the single most restrictive rent control measure in […]
November 2, 2021

Think Rent Control’s A Bad Idea? VOTE

If you live in the United States, the single most important thing you can do the first Tuesday of November is to vote. And if you’re […]