List A Duplex As A Short Sale: Get A Realtor – FREE!

freeSo if you’re facing foreclosure because you don’t have the money to pay your mortgage, how are you going to pay a Realtor to get the duplex sold as a short sale?


You don’t have to.

Just as with any duplex home sale, Realtor’s commissions are paid out of the proceeds of the transaction. Typically, the seller agrees to pay the listing agent’s broker a percentage if the property sells successfully. That broker, in return, agrees to share a portion of the commission with the buyer’s agent’s broker.

And even though the duplex owner being foreclosed upon or conducting a short sale retains all the rights to the property up until six months after the Sheriff’s Sale, she isn’t responsible for the commission. After all, she’s not taking any proceeds from the sale.

But the bank is.

The Realtor’s commissions come out of the funds the bank will receive.

Short sales are among the most lengthy, labor-intensive transactions Realtors face; Realtors who, for all intents and purposes, work for the seller for free!