January 31, 2012

Isaac Newton’s Theory Of Minneapolis Duplex Sales

Just like Isaac Newton proved the existence of gravity, I can prove there is a shortage of Minneapolis duplexes for sale. Take the week ending January 21, […]
January 25, 2012

Minneapolis Duplex Owners Face Deadline

If you owned residential income property in the state of Minnesota in 2011, consider this a friendly reminder that your CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid) must […]
January 24, 2012

Minneapolis Duplex Market Continues To Tighten

If it seems like there’s a shortage of Minneapolis duplexes for sale, it’s because there is. Perhaps it’s because for many weeks we’ve seen statistics like […]
January 20, 2012

Two Basic Facts Known By Successful Duplex Investors

Last night, a group got together at my office and played Robert Kiyosaki’s game, Cash Flow. Even though I work every day in the business of duplex […]