Buying A Duplex

October 10, 2011

Why Your Realtor Won’t Buy You A Duplex

In the last several weeks, I’ve had several buyers and sellers ask me to give up all or part of my previously agreed upon commission on a duplex sale […]
August 18, 2011

Why Buying A Duplex Is Like Senior Photos

Buying a duplex can be a lot like having your senior photos taken in high school. Selecting the right outfit and photographer is a bit like […]
June 29, 2010

Minneapolis Duplex Market Gets Skinny

If the Twin Cities housing market were on a diet, it would be featured in a Jenny Craig ad. For the week ending June 19, 645 […]
May 4, 2010

Minneapolis Duplex Sellers Rush To Beat Tax Credit

Thank God that shipment of newly listed single family homes and duplexes hit the market just in time for the expiration of the first time and […]