duplex short sale

January 5, 2015

Washington Extends Duplex Debt Forgiveness Break

Just before the holidays, there was some good news for distressed duplex owners that got little fanfare. President Obama signed a bill called the Tax Increase […]
December 6, 2012

Distressed Duplex Owners Face Fiscal Cliff

In the coming weeks, amidst the media noise about the “fiscal cliff”, duplex owners who are either struggling to pay their mortgage or behind on payments […]
October 25, 2012

How To Make Your Payments And Still Qualify For A Duplex Short Sale

Starting November 1, underwater duplex owners who are not behind on their mortgages may qualify for a short sale if their loan is with Fannie Mae […]
October 8, 2012

Why A Minneapolis Duplex Short Sale Takes So Long

By now, you’ve probably heard all the horror stories about buying or selling a Minneapolis duplex that’s a short sale. Most likely, all of those stories […]