Use Rent Relief Or Lose It – Application Deadline Looming

If you have a tenant who owes you a lot of rent, pay attention.

If most of the federal rent assistance given to the state isn’t spent by the end of September, the federal government isn’t spent by the end of September, the federal government reserved the right to take it back.

In other words, if you and your delinquent tenant don’t apply for rental relief soon, there may not be any available.

Is it likely? Who knows. But why take the chance?

As a reminder, landlords in the afore-metioned counties may apply for not up to 15 months of back and forward rent at the Zero Balance Project. I personally have had a positive experience with this platform, the communication from them has been great, and my check is coming next week. Most landlords I’ve spoken with who’ve used this platform report similar experiences.

The alternative is the tenant initiated application at This program is administered by the state of Minnesota. Tenants must initiate the application on the portal, and you as the housing provider will be prompted to provide additional information. While I have had some reports of rent being received from this program, general reviews are that it is slower and more cumbersome.

Either way, it’s best to start an application somewhere immediately or the money may be gone.