Legal Stuff

November 21, 2008

Wait On That Dumpster for Your Minneapolis Duplex!

Imagine this. You go to pick up a rent check from your tenants and after repeated attempts, discover they’ve abandoned the unit, leaving what appears to be […]
October 6, 2008

Get ‘Em Out! The How To of a Twin Cities Duplex Eviction

  Last week, we talked about the reasons a landlord can file an eviction action; nonpayment of rent, lease violations, illegal activities or a holdover tenant. […]
September 25, 2008

Four Reasons to Evict Your Minneapolis Duplex Tenant

The single biggest concern I hear when someone is considering whether or not to purchase their first income property is, “Yeah but, what if I get […]
August 21, 2008

First Time Landlord of A Twin Cities Duplex? Don’t Forget the Paperwork

With the change in the current housing market, many would-be sellers are turning to renting their homes in lieu of a sale. And, they often forget […]